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DigitalOcean Spotlights Sans Paper’s Innovation in the Construction Industry

Sans Paper, a dynamic software provider based in Australia, is making waves in the construction industry, replacing bulky paper-based procedures with sleek digital forms and mobile solutions.

The engine behind this revolution? DigitalOcean’s suite of cloud infrastructure solutions, including its new data center in Sydney. Thanks to DigitalOcean, Sans Paper has amplified the performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of its platform, providing users worldwide with a reliable application they can access anytime, anywhere.

Unraveling the complexities of traditional construction practices

Sans Paper serves an array of sectors, including construction and field management. With its smart software products, Sans Paper is replacing the inefficient paperwork that slows down construction sites, mining sites, and hazardous work areas. Its unique offerings, such as the Sans Paper Hub, Sans Paper Connect, and the Sans Paper Form, streamline processes while supporting offline capabilities and offering competitive pricing.

Before aligning with DigitalOcean, Sans Paper faced challenges with its previous provider, Microsoft Azure. According to Gim Wee, CTO of Sans Paper, the company required a solution that was not only cost-effective and simple but would also alleviate the technical pressure on the small engineering team.

Turning to DigitalOcean, Sans Paper found the perfect ally to support its technological expansion. The switch resulted in reduced costs, user-friendly configurations, and the removal of the need for a dedicated DevOps team. The team’s ability to deploy new Droplets, clone existing ones, and use Snapshots to back up their infrastructure has expedited product innovation and improved customer offerings.

The flexibility of DigitalOcean’s suite of products has helped Sans Paper minimize outages. The entire technical team can now manage their cloud-based needs, negating the need for specialized DevOps developers. Coupled with robust documentation, DigitalOcean has made cloud management a breeze for the Sans Paper team, reducing their reliance on customer support.

Additionally, predictable billing and cost savings have allowed Sans Paper to remain lean and competitive. Marcus van Enk, Founder and CEO of Sans Paper, revealed a 30% cost savings since their move to DigitalOcean.

“Looking forward to expanding its services to the EU and American markets, Sans Paper acknowledges the importance of a reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure provider. DigitalOcean, with its ability to scale up alongside Sans Paper, is poised to support the software provider’s journey in transforming the construction industry.” 

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DigitalOcean Spotlights Sans Paper's Innovation in the Construction Industry

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