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together in harmony.

Many companies are making safety a priority, ensuring that all employees are fully aware of the risks they
take daily and ensuring proper training is conducted on sites.

Safety regulators in many countries are also putting in place regulations to make sure that proper processes and
measures are taken before starting dangerous activities. 

While the intent of these regulations is good, enormous amounts of paper forms are being generated on a daily basis.

Incidents and accidents are recorded on paper and responsibilities assessed,
but it is difficult to assess how much of an impact these paper processes have on safety.

 On the other hand, using modern digital tools has the capability to revolutionise administrative control on-site: It’s statistically proven to decrease the numbers of accidents and fatalities on construction sites, as it allows site managers to create safety checklists that leave little to no room for human error.

Small Company Now is the time for a change

When it comes to future-proof innovations and technological implementation, the construction industry always comes last. Now is the time for a change. In this day and age, technology has found its way into every detail of our lives: It is deeply woven into our homes, offices, and basically every daily task.

Because of this, customers in any industry now expect to see the same kind of innovation in every service, including the construction and infrastructure business.

The world of construction is a vast and competitive environment, customer’s needs and wants are constantly changing, and new opportunities for success are created every day.

And as a business owner, it’s your responsibility to keep up with all the new methods of running your business, especially when it comes to technological advancements and digital solutions.

Medium Company take your operational efficiency to the next level

Small and medium-sized Enterprises are a big part of what makes the global economy as competitive and as fast-paced as it is today. If we’re talking numbers, they easily surpass any other kind of business, as statistics show that 95% of global enterprises are SMEs.

Here at Sans Paper, we value SMEs very dearly, and consider them partners and long-term companions. We build our systems with their priorities in mind, and help them make use of the opportunities presented for them by providing a better understanding of data, and how they can use modern technology solutions to their favor.

Large Enterprise The challenges most larger enterprises face today

The challenges most larger enterprises face today in the construction field are constantly increasing alongside the business’s growth. The more successful they become, the more responsibilities and requirements they need to comply with. That’s where the importance of business information and performance data truly shows, as it plays a crucial role in every organization’s success and must be carefully maintained at all times.

From handling policies, delivering/ receiving projects and materials, to licensing and insurance, large-scale organizations are constantly dealing with paper-based systems and documentation, which are time-consuming, expensive to organize and cause a substantial delay in business operations.

Team Function Now is the perfect time to introduce your team to our modern solutions

Over the past eight decades, the construction industry has been referred to as the “brick and mortar” field due to the lack of innovation and improvement in productivity and the methods used in managing construction firms…

Not to mention the tedious everyday tasks and inaccuracies most construction managers have to put up with, which can quickly cause all operations to come to a halt and negatively affect all aspects of a project.

If you’re a construction site manager, you truly know how messy things can sometimes get, especially when it comes to dealing with a large number of workers, suppliers, and being in charge of multiple projects all at once. It’s your job to make sure that everyone involved in this project is doing the best they can, from site managers and contractors, to workers, engineers, and everyone in between.

Each situation soon enough gets overwhelming because of the rapidly increasing amounts of data that quickly turns impossible to handle, and important information about your team’s performance gets lost in the piles of reports and email chains that oversaturate your work environment.

This is where most professionals start seeing the importance of having a structured data collecting and processing system, which de-clutters their entire operations and provides them with accurate, traceable data right when they need it.