Sans Paper: flick the paperwork

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We develop cloud platforms without (sans) paper to help teams around the world flick the paperwork and get connected.

Our platforms are developed sans complexity, sans admin, sans waste.

We do it all simply and without paper.

We want to help you do all your best work without paper

Over time, businesses like yours, capture and store data generated from their line of operations, in huge paper packs, distributed files, spreadsheets and documents. These files are oftentimes boxed up and transferred into shelves around the office or to valuable storage space.

Notably, these processes don’t give room for the efficient capturing and usage of the data contained within. The physical office space is consumed, coupled with the time spent in inputting this data, are just a few of the limitations.

We make your data transparent without paper

Our platforms help you capture data where and when it happens. We are always available for the times your team needs us. Our platforms are always on and always accessible via mobile, cloud or offline.
Without paper

We simplify your data capture with checklists made easy and without paper

Data is the core of market-leading businesses. 21st-century teams need to use data in real-time in order to stay ahead of the industry. Operations Managers, Business Owners, and Safety Managers need to capture data from their line of operations as soon and as easily as possible for detailed analyses and implementation of required actions.

Our platforms are better than others

Simply put, we go further. Our platforms work together as a system. A system that works for your team and your business. We connect you to your supply chain and we store and manage your data for current and future reference. Once you have adopted our platforms to make your data capture systems efficient and simple, we know you will be looking for ways to make the most of that data.

We are working around the clock on research and development to find new ways of enabling you to do more with your data, to connect you to more systems, to automate more and to innovate more. We develop more than checklists alone, we develop platforms that our customers can turn into systems of work for their teams and businesses.

Why Choose Us?

For over a decade, we have worked with several businesses in the construction and infrastructure industry and have successfully developed cloud and mobile-based software solutions; software solutions that have helped these businesses achieve their visions. We help bridge the gap between the supply chain and the construction and infrastructure industry by providing the industry’s best cloud and mobile-based software solutions to your operations.