Sans Paper: flick the paperwork

Why mental health is important to Sans Paper?

During these past months we developed an app for Dig Deep Event which is an event that’s raising money for suicide awareness and mental health of workers in the construction industry.

Our main clients are from construction industry and we care about them, participating in this event makes us feel like we can all make a difference supporting this kind of initiatives.

Mental health is very important in all industries, but in this specific construction industry that we are so use to work with, it has a huge impact. In an industry that is mostly represented by men, they underreport mental health issues and are therefore less likely to receive appropriate treatment. It’s not a coincidence that men are also more likely to abuse drugs, alcohol and commit suicide, both of which are extreme forms of self-treatment for chronic mental health problems. 

A report stated that 26% of construction industry professionals thought about taking their own lives in 2019, 97% reported being under stress at least once a year and highlighted several work factors that contributed to their poor mental health.

Anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts are as dangerous to worker safety as any more tangible jobsite threat, but these can’t be fixed with caution tape. Additionally, construction workers often deal with issues that can lead to high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

This affects how we think, feel, and act and it also can negatively affect an individual’s productivity and financial stability, quality of life, and so on.

Dig Deep Event is donating all proceeds raised to Beyond Blue to help friends, family and colleagues in the construction industry, so that they can continue to provide crucial important support services.

This is a free informational app developed by Sans Paper that describes updates about the event, allows attendees to register and buy tickets, also connect to other attendees and see the list of exhibitors.

Lets work together to raise $1 MILLION for Beyond Blue. Lets make mental health a priority.