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Sans Paper Boosts Construction Industry Efficiency with Innovative Digital Solutions

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 26 May 2023 – Sans Paper, a leading software provider in the construction industry, today announced significant enhancements to its suite of products, uniquely designed to streamline operations in the construction sector. By utilising the infrastructure solutions from DigitalOcean, a global leader in cloud services, Sans Paper paves the way for a comprehensive transformation of traditional industry practices.

Sans Paper’s suite of products, including Sans Paper Hub, Sans Paper Form, and Sans Paper Connect, catalyse a pivotal shift from conventional paper-based operations to advanced digital processes. By utilising DigitalOcean’s cloud infrastructure solutions, these game-changing tools have seen significant improvements in performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

“Utilising DigitalOcean’s cloud infrastructure solutions has been pivotal in the evolution and enhancement of our products,” says Gim Wee, CTO of Sans Paper. “The scalability and reliability they provide have helped us create globally accessible applications, making our vision for a complete ecosystem of construction-related cloud and mobile solutions a reality.”

The Sans Paper Hub, designed as a marketplace, user license management tool, and customer support solution, has become instrumental in streamlining workflows and improving overall efficiency.

Sans Paper Form, a digital forms solution, seamlessly integrates team efforts, helping save valuable time, reduce costs, and significantly increase efficiency.

Sans Paper Connect acts as a comprehensive resource, providing teams with easy access to essential knowledge resources, procedures, manuals, and contacts. The standout “Body of Knowledge” feature enhances team performance and understanding, promoting smooth onboarding and improved productivity.

“By merging our deep field knowledge with DigitalOcean’s scalable infrastructure, we’ve engineered a suite of software that supports the ‘Flick the Paperwork’ revolution in the construction industry,” states Marcus van Enk, Founder and CEO of Sans Paper. “We are committed to driving the digital transformation of construction operations with these innovative solutions.”

The transition to DigitalOcean’s user-friendly cloud services has led to significant cost savings and operational improvements for Sans Paper. As the company sets its sights on expansion to the EU and American markets, it continues to rely on DigitalOcean’s robust infrastructure to foster further industry innovation.

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About Sans Paper

Sans Paper, based in Australia, is a leading software provider revolutionising the construction industry. Its digital solutions transform traditional paper-based operations into efficient, cloud-based systems. Serving a rapidly growing sector, Sans Paper’s mission is to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs in construction and field management.

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